A culture of excellence with a Silicon Valley mindset.

San Francisco based Eurocal Group bridges the Silicon Valley culture and mindset with the emerging and vibrant technology sector in Central Europe. With our software delivery centers based in Poland and our management team here in California we have built a bridge for US-based companies to leverage technology talent and expertise in this region.

Since the 1990s Poland has rapidly demonstrated its ability to produce forward-thinking and innovative software engineers engrained in the methodical, problem-solving culture of German, British and American software development and engineering houses – with all the cultural, technical and business knowledge of these countries at a reduced cost.

It’s important to choose a delivery center that is as dedicated to quality, innovation and technological excellence as you are. When you outsource to a company with a less rigorous attitude to methodology and quality control it can quickly become the weakest link in your supply chain.

By partnering with us, you’re choosing a strong and reliable partner trusted by companies – large and small – the world over.

Five good reasons to choose Eurocal Group in Poland

Abundant world-class software engineering force

Significant cost-savings

9 hour time difference with California allows for easy work day overlap – No more 3am conference calls!

Culturally integrated within the European Union with a highly entrepreneurial Western culture and a problem-solving mindset

A modern, dynamic and evolving high-tech sector