What we do

We’ve participated in diverse projects related to multimedia systems and automotive safety systems, creating state-of the art embedded systems custom built and designed to stringent manufacturer specifications.

How we can help

Our engineers have experience creating systems that serve a number of infotainment purposes, in both the areas of core systems and the application layer in navigation systems, broadcasting, mobile internet, multimedia audio and video streaming.

Using our M2M experience, we’re also able to handle connectivity technologies like USB, Bluetooth and digital memory cards, as well as wireless module connectivity, which provide mobile internet or voice and SMS connectivity to the vehicle.

We also have proven experience in realising safety related projects in the automotive industry. We can design, develop and test safety related embedded software, applying our rigorous quality control and testing procedure to the development of your safety systems.

Programming Languages:
C, C++, Java (J2SE, J2ME), C# (.NET), XML, Python, Jython, Matlab, Labview, Assembler
Operating Systems:
Windows CE, Symbian, Linux, embedded Linux, OSEK, VxWorks, Windows XP, Solaris, RTOS, MS Auto
Protocols and Interfaces:
CAN, MOST, CORBA, SOAP, HTTP, FTP, Bluetooth, USB 1.0 2.0, RMI, Ethernet, Wifi
Frameworks, Technologies and Libraries:
Qt, Requirement Management – Doors, UML modelling – Rhapsody, STARUML, multi-layer state machine modelling, VapsXT
Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Code Vision AVR, Emacs, Sourceinsight, HW specific
VECTOR, HP QTP, proprietary test automation frameworks, Unit tests – Junit, cpp unit, Nunit
Configuration Management:
CM Synergy, Clearcase, SVN, CVS, SubVersion, PVCS
Project Management
V-Model, Agile (SCRUM), PMI