What we do

We build websites, top to bottom, handling complex briefs including delivery of content management systems, multimedia streaming, social media integration and database management. We’re able to produce web applications using not only common languages and platforms but also using customized solutions.

How we can help

We believe great websites and web-based applications are a merger of good design, usability and reliability. We’re able to design and develop either all or part of large, scalable projects, delivering incremental project milestones and involving the customer at every stage, making sure you get exactly what you want.

As skilled developers, we’re able to handle the construction of complex, fully customized systems – for example creating a customized content management system for use in an e-commerce website, social networking site, or producing a back end capable of processing payments, managing customers and handling stock levels.

We have development teams working in Java (Spring, Struts, Seam, Java Portlets) and PHP (Zend). We also have engineers with specific knowledge of Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, as well as script languages (Ruby on Rails, Django). We are able to create Flash components for use on websites, as well as coding Flash based services. We also provide professional graphic design to complement all our projects.

We are well versed in open source solutions such as Apache and MySQL, as well as commercial solutions such as WebSphere Application Server and DB2. Development infrastructure is determined by each client’s unique requirements and budget.

All of our web projects have been developed using the Agile methodology. Agile enables our clients to monitor project development at all times and introduce changes during project development, if required.

Application development:
  • Complex back-end development
  • Optimization of existing database systems
  • Business support solutions (ERP, CRM, billing platforms)
  • The convergence of technologies – location-based services
  • Social networking sites
  • Multimedia applications
Information Portals:
  • Clarity
  • Ease of content management
Dedicated systems (geolocation):
  • Integration with external special services
  • Interactive data presentation
Multilayer applications:
  • Using the latest technologies and solutions
  • Communication standards
  • Systems based on wide-ranging technologies and programming languages
Resource management support systems:
  • Remote access to information and resources
  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting data
Java: Java Portlets (JSR 286), WEB frameworks (Spring, Seam, Struts 2), Visualization components GWT, Rich Faces, Tiles
PHP: Zend framework, Configuration and integration of CMS solutions (Drupal, Joomla)

Microsoft: ASP.NET

Solutions based on modern scripting languages:
Ruby on Rails, Django (Python)
Presentation layer:
(X)HTML, HTML5, CSS 2, CSS 3, JavaScript (AJAX, JQuery, YUI)
Servers and application containers:
IBM WebSphere, Apache, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, WebSphere Portal, Microsoft IIS
Database Servers:
DB2, MSSQL, Postgre SQL, MySQL
Lotus Connections, Microsoft Sharepoint
Memcached, Quartz, Apache Lucene, Solr, Cron, Selenium
Project Management:
Agile (SCRUM), PMI