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The remarkable growth in new mobile technologies coupled with cloud-based and virtual services has brought about new opportunities for mobile enterprise solutions.

According to recent market analyses, total mobile app revenues from pay-per-download, in-app purchase, subscriptions, and in-app advertising will soar over the next five years, growing from $8.5 billion in 2011 to $46 billion in 2016.

While there are a number of different mobile application revenue models, no one has yet proven to be the gold standard for most developers. Paid apps have worked for a select few, while in-app purchases and ad-supported models are gaining popularity. The key players involved, mobile application developers, MNOs, content providers, brands, applications platform and infrastructure providers, and app stores will need to explore how to make money from mobile applications over the next few years.

Get the most out of your business with the right mobile strategy!

If you don’t want your competitors to outstrip you, whatever sector and size your business is, you had better embrace mobile.

The high demand for mobile B2B and B2C solutions can attract numerous mobile users and provide on-the-go access to your business services. A relevant mobile strategy is critical to increase your target audience, attract new clients and boost revenue.

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With extensive knowledge and experience in mobile domains, Eurocal Group develops B2B and B2C applications for a great variety of business sectors.


iPhone OS 3.x
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iOS 5.x
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Android 2.x thru 4.x


Blackberry 6.x – 7.x
BB 10

Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7.x


Geolocation API, offline web application support, WebStorage, CSS3, Javascript