Project description

DivX, now a part of NeuLion, offers solutions that power the highest quality digital entertainment experiences for live and on-demand content up to 4K on any device. In addition to expanded capabilities to deliver protected content, the combined company continues to power the professional creation, and high-quality playback of highly efficient video to multiple devices and platforms.

Headquarters: New York City, NY
Industry: Online Media
Product: Content, HD content delivery, Video Compression

DivX – now NeuLion
Development of mobile to Chromecast video flinging demo for CES. Development of universal video sharing between Consumer Electronics (CE) devices and mobile devices (DivX Moments, Ohana)
Develop a technology demonstrator for 4K HD mobile to Smart TV video sharing for CES within a 3 week timeframe.
Develop a comprehensive suite of apps and services to support 4K HD video sharing between mobile and a variety of home entertainment devices.
Why Eurocal Software Development Services:
A broad range of development capabilities available from an experienced team of 400+ engineers
Ability to assemble a focused design team and begin projects within 2 weeks
Ability to work from minimal spec
Agile project execution from a self-managing team delivering the full stack of architecture, design, QA and documentation services
Augmentation of in-house technical expertise
Significantly lower costs
Android 4.1.x and above (smartphone, tablet)
iOS 7.x and above (iPhone, iPad)
Broadcom (a Chromium/WebKit based browser)
LG (WebOS/Cordova App platform – Angular JS)
Android: Java’ Cling UPNP library, iOS: Swift, Upnpx, DLNA, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular JS
Key benefits:
Demo and video sharing platform delivered on time and under budget
Significant contributions to product spec and architecture
Stable engineering team available for continued platform support and feature expansion
Scalable SWAT engineering team available on demand for future projects