Project description

The Certus patented technology utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create a universal communication protocol, which requires neither additional hardware nor linking processes. The Certus platform drastically enhances the user experience and security of transactions related to authentication, access, payments and more. 

Certus Technology Systems, Inc.
Headquarters: San Francisco,
NY Industry: Data and User ID Security
Product: Password-less Logon, 2nd Factor Authentication

Certus Technology Systems
Coding of the Certus Android prototype
Development of secure server functionality and APIs for industry authentication standards
Supplement the Certus design team to deliver a working MVP on a tight budget and timeframe
Support ongoing development
Why Eurocal Software Development Services:
Broad range of development capabilities available from an experienced team of 400+ engineers includes deep security and SaaS expertise
Ability to assemble a focused design team and begin projects within 2 weeks
Agile project execution from a self-managing team delivering the full stack of architecture, design, QA and documentation services
Augmentation of in-house technical expertise
Significantly lower costs Develop an API suite to authentication standards
Mac OS: Mavericks, Yosemite, iOS, Android 4.x and above
jQuery, InnoSetup, HTML, CSS, JS, ObjectiveC, Java, Nginx, Python 2.7, Tornado, redis-py, libvorbis, libogg, libmp3lame, sox, cmake, MySQL, Symfony2, HTML5, Flash, Android SDK 4.x
Key benefits:
Certus product delivered on time and on budget
The Eurocal Group engineering team continues to be a cost effective resource for continued development and integration tasks