The Eurocal Group Advantage

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an early-stage technology company or a mature multinational organization – which depends on software development—delayed release dates, dropped features, defective code or cost overruns can stand in the way of your success.

Today’s globally competitive marketplace demands that companies are run smart and lean. The recent economic downturn only reinforced the need for companies to re-evaluate their technology sourcing strategies to meet their core challenges — reduce cost, increase quality, accelerate time-to-market, capture new markets and speed up revenue generation. Today, as competition and cost for engineers heats up—companies of all sizes are facing stiff competition for top class developers.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Our U.S. –based and highly experienced technology experts, analysts and PMI-certified project managers provide guidance, planning and execution from business and requirements analysis, system architecture and design through the whole software development lifecycle. We work seamlessly with our clients and Central European development centers to ensure our client’s success.

Cost Savings

Lower your product development costs by 40% to 50%.

World-Class “On Demand” Project Teams

Eurocal Group can rapidly assemble project teams—typically in 2 weeks– and can scale them up or down quickly to meet project requirements and timelines.

Central European Development Centers

Eurocal Group knows software development in Poland, Slovakia and Croatia. We have built a world-class network of pre-qualified and pre-engaged technology partners, highly experienced in offshore software development and delivery.

Mature Methodology

Eurocal Group’s development process has a complete set of internal controls and well established Software Development Lifecycle methodologies to minimize risk and maximize returns. Our exact approach is tailored to meet each client’s needs and capacities, generally following an Agile methodology with regular releases of working software.

Team Stability and Certainty

Our employee turnover rate has averaged less than 5% a year—in contrast to rates of 25-40% in other popular offshore locations.

Breadth of Skill Sets

We give our clients access to nearly 300 engineers and project managers with a broad range of skills sets in web services, social media, mobile, gaming, embedded systems and custom enterprise application development.

Partners – Not Coders

Our project teams combine technical expertise with creativity, innovation, communication and a problem-solving mindset. We partner with our clients to deliver results across virtually every platform and environment.

Peace of Mind

Eurocal Group understands, values and protects your intellectual property. The Eurocal Group only works with development centers within the European Union, and so abides by strict E.U. IP protection laws.

Eurocal Group creates a vitally important bridge for San Francisco/Silicon Valley technology companies seeking on-demand, low-cost, world-class IT and software development solutions and resources.

We offer a blended onshore/offshore delivery model here in Silicon Valley and development centers throughout Central Europe incl. Poland, Slovakia and Croatia. We deliver value-based technology solutions and support to you so you can build, advance and succeed in the highly competitive US and global markets.