What we do

We have wide-ranging experience and dedicated resources available to develop embedded software applications and prototype hardware that suits the needs of our customers, their budget, time scales and existing infrastructure. We are capable of providing development services across a range of industries, producing embedded software systems using a wide variety of programming languages. We provide software for embedded applications along with customer specific board design, including:
  • Smart metering
  • Track and tracing systems
  • Remote management solutions
  • Intelligent building systems
  • Automotive solutions
  • Household appliances

How we can help

We are able to deliver customer-specific services – from design to maintenance – with all necessary hardware and software components. We’re always able to reduce costs and drive efficiency. Regardless of the project size our customers benefit from lower development costs, faster time to market, flexibility and high quality of our services. We are experts in development, test and integration of embedded systems across a number of industries. We support convergence of embedded systems with telematics, telecommunication systems and the Internet. Our wealth of experience has been acquired alongside long term cooperation agreements with industry-leading companies in Germany and Western Europe.

Our services include:
  • Project management for hardware and software design, development and test
  • Electric circuit design
  • Hardware requirements analysis
  • Hardware architecture/preliminary and detailed design
  • Architecture design and development of selected parts of GSM/GPRS/EDGE protocol stack if applicable
  • Development of prototypes
  • System acceptance tests
  • Hardware quality assurance
  • Firmware/Software design, development and integration in hardware
  • Design of software architecture from embedded through PC standalone applications
  • Development and test of embedded applications
  • Functional and integration tests – verification of GSM devices functionality in simulated and real environments
Programming Languages:
C, C++, ASM, J2ME
Operating Systems:
RTOS (emboss, freeRTOS, REXX, AMX), embedded Linux, Symbian, Android
Protocols and Interfaces:
I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485, mBus, wireless mBus, modBus, ZigBee, BlueTooth, GSM/GPRS/UMTS protocols, TCP/IP
Eclipse, Netbeans, IAR, Code Composer
Configuration Management:
ClearCase, CVS, Perforce, CM Synergy, SubVersion
Project Management: