Project description

Design of architecture, implementation and testing of protocol stack for GSM/GPRS/EDGE modules, AT-commands implementation. Modify current solution to meet new GCF, PTCRB and AT&T criteria.

Development of Protocol Stack for Wireless Modules
Embedded applications: Kilobyte Virtual Machne (smaller JVM)
Programming languages: C, C++
Interfaces: RS232, USB, I2C, RS485, SPI
Architecture: UML, Rational
Operating systems:
Test automation: Pegasus, ZOC
Verification tester of GCF/PTCRB/AT&T compliance: R&S CRTUG
Other testing equipment: Lauterbach, High Speed Logger
GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks simulators: R&S CMU
Architecture design of protocol stack selected parts – Responsible for appropriate components delivery
Project Management in Software Design and Test area – responsibility for selected items of the stack
Development of selected stack items
Functional tests – verification of wireless modules functionality in real networks
Integration tests – integration and verification of wireless modules in simulated networks, in boundary conditions
Acceptance tests – conformity with GCF, PTCRB and AT&T standards verification. For this matter Rohde and Schwarz certified testing equipment is used.
Project Duration:
Ongoing for newer generation modules and updates.
Number of Resources / Roles in the Project:
Architects, Developers, Testers x 7, Project Managers