Project description

Testing and verification services to various customers

Integration and Verification services in Embedded Systems
Tools and equipment that our engineers use:
• Test automation: Pegasus, Test Partner, QTP and ATE – REC in-house solution
• Analysis: Optolyser, ATE, CANoe, R&S®CMU and R&S®CRTU (Rohde & Schwarz)
• Configuration management: SVN, Telelogic Synergy, Clear Case
• Bug tracking systems: Telelogic Change, Trac, ClearQuest
Multiplexing; RF emissions, GPS/RF, Hardware interfaces (GPIO, SPI, I2C)
GSM Protocol stack tests:
• AT commands functional testing
• GPRS/EDGE/HSPA/CSD functional testing
• JVM and VME testing in embedded systems

EDGE, AMR (900/1800):
• Conformance Testing for 2G/2.5G/3G Technologies:
• GSM, GPRS, EDGE, AMR (900/1800)
• SIM/USIM Testing
• Field Trials
• Pre approval/approval into Qualified laboratories

Automotive Integration, module and system testing
• Telelogic Synergy
Audio/Video, external devices, media
• Cluster instrument testing

Project Duration:
Number of Resources / Roles in the Project:
35 Testers, 1 Project Manager