Project description

Project goal was to deliver GSM/GPRS HW interface for power consumption meters with serial interface RS232/485 in two HW variants (internal and external to the meter). Project deliverables:

  • External terminal with power supply,
  • Internal terminal wo power supply,
  • Java midlet for both HW variants,
  • GUI application for configuration of terminal.
Smart Metering Project
GSM, GPRS, JavaME, C#, HW design (Altium designer), HW prototyping
Technical Requirements Analysis, HW design/development/verification, SW design/development/verification, Project Management
Project Duration:
10 months
Number of Resources / Roles in the Project:
2 Java ME developers, 2 C# developers, 2 SW testers, 1 HW designer, 2 HW reviewers (CWM Berlin), 2 HW testers (CWM Berlin),
1 Project Manager