Project description

Development of embedded applications for wireless modules to customer requirements and development of maintenance applications for controlling and analyzing of data received from a module.

Example: eCall

eCall is a system for automatically providing information regarding a car accident. The module is responsible for getting appropriate information of selected parameters right after the accident took place (among others: speed prior to accident, location, temperature of the engine, etc.) and provide this information to a service center. Then the module has to establish a voice connection with the service center employee.

Wireless Modules Embedded Applications
Embedded applications
Programming languages: Java, J2ME, C, C++, XML
Operating systems: Windows CE, Windows (XP/Vista/7), Linux
Databases: MySQL, SQL Server
Architecture: UML
Test automation: Pegasus, ZOC
Methodologies: Agile(SCRUM), PM
Additional platforms: GPS
Architecture design of the software (embedded part, installed right on the module and external part, installed in PCs).
Project Management
Software Development
Functional and integration tests – verification of devices functionality in real networks and in simulated networks, in marginal conditions.
Project Duration:
3 months
Number of Resources / Roles in the Project:
2 Developers, 2 Testers, 1 Project Manager