Project description

The EXO5 Cloud Application Platform (ECAP) provides our global enterprise, VARs, OEMs and ISV clients a simple to deploy, easy to use and highly cost-effective asset management and security solution protecting devices and sensitive data company-wide.

EXO5: Design & Development

Key features:

Laptop & Device Tracking – A persistent and secure connection provides asset inventory, geo-location and command execution in real-time. Use of multiple methods to locate assets to provide the best location accuracy worldwide including Wi-Fi and cellular triangulation, GPS, MAC address correlation, and IP address databases from multiple providers

RemoteKill® – Fast data encryption on lost or stolen devices. Devices can be secured by locking the boot sector on the hard drive preventing access to the OS. Operations are easily and quickly reversed, should the device be recovered.

Full Disk Encryption – Fast OS native encryption leveraging the best of Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault. Client side wizard guides makes rolling out an FDE program simple and easy. Provides capabilities to meet regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA and SOX and internal IT asset policy management.

Mobile Device Management – supports all popular smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. Compromised devices can be locked with a passcode or remotely wiped back to their factory state, preventing sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

IT Asset Management – Collect essential ITAM data including hardware and software inventory, and network and operating system information. Enables easily customizable monitoring, alerts and reporting.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Cyber Security & Digital Asset Management
Product: Data Encryption & Device Tracking

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Win8 (32/64 bit), Mac OS: Mavericks, Yosemite, Android, iOS
Technologies and Frameworks:
OpenSSL, Django, MySQL, Robot Framework, jQuery, Bootstrap
Python, InnoSetup, .NET, HTML, CSS, JS, ObjectiveC, Java
XP (eXtreme Programming) parts: Pair Programming, Unit Tests, TDD
Why Eurocal Software Development Services:
A broad range of development capabilities available from an experienced team of 400+ engineers includes deep security and Cloud/SaaS expertise
Provide a dedicated team of architects, developers, testers and project management – on demand as product development needs require.
Agile project execution from a self-managing team delivering the full stack of architecture, design, QA and documentation services
Augmentation of in-house technical expertise
Significantly lower costs