Project description

Our test methods are based on ISEB Foundation requirements and are performed by ISEB/ISTQB certified test engineers. We provide extensive test services for embedded systems and solutions in the areas of
• Embedded Systems
• M2M / Telematics
• Web Applications
• Telecommunications
• Automotive
• Multimedia
• Logistics
• Energy
• Home Appliances
• Satellite navigation

Integration and Verification capabilities
Tools and equipment that our engineers use:
• Test automation: Pegasus, Test Partner, QTP and ATE – REC in-house solution
• Analysis: Optolyser, ATE, CANoe, R&S®CMU and R&S®CRTU (Rohde & Schwarz)
• Configuration management: SVN, Telelogic Synergy, Clear Case
• Bug tracking systems: Telelogic Change, Trac, ClearQuest
• Multiplexing; RF emissions, GPS/RF, Hardware interfaces (GPIO, SPI, I2C, …)
Our testing procedure includes:
• Comprehensive testing of embedded software
• Effective processes in rapid errors detection and reporting with Agile approach to shorten the time of bug fixing
• Experienced and dedicated team can perform extensive pre-approval testing to help you achieve certification for both GCF and PTCRB standards. Test equipment in our laboratory includes Rohde & Schwarz devices
Ability to work with different models:
• We can adopt a customer’s processes in the project
• We can introduce our processes to the project
• Or a mixture of the customer’s and our processes
• Meeting customers criteria in terms of expected quality
Project Duration:
Number of Resources / Roles in the Project:
Within our development center we have over 50 test engineers