Outsourcing has become a zero-sum game

Outsourcing product design and manufacturing has become an international way of life despite the concern that it takes jobs

away from one country in favor of another. As the practice has matured, it has become more of a zero-sum game as long as the participant realize it is best as a cooperative exercise.

The decision to outsource any part of a product lifecycle is not longer a matter of which country a company will choose, but which countries to choose. High precision work is still the realm of the United States with Western Europe a close second. Mass production of mid-quality products is an acceptable choice, even though costs are starting to rise. And Central Europe is rising as the choice for high-quality, low-cost software design.

New Tech Press interviewed Eurocal Group’s George Slawek, the CEO and managing partner who looked at the overall outsourcing industry and explained how Poland offers options not available elsewhere, but are not the be-all and end-all of options.