Old security locks guests out of hotel

Posted January 31, 2017

How old is your computer security? You might want to have it checked out. A luxury hotel in Austria targeted by a ransomware attack that disabled the resort’s central key management system locking guests out. The attack was facilitated by an out of date security system. The hackers demanded a ransom of  €1,500 ($1,605) to return control

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If you thought the health care breaches were bad, just wait till this year

Posted January 25, 2017

The Experian 2017  Data Breach Industry Forecast will be the prime target for hackers this year will be the  health care industry. The report says personal medical data is among the most valuable kinds of information to target because health care officials will pay handsomely to get it back once stolen. Attacks will come in the

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More than half of all computers are open to attack

Posted March 11, 2016

Two reports recently reported that more than half of all devices were running out-of-date and therefore, insecure software. eSecurity Planet reported on a study by Duo Security that took a look at 2 million internet-connected devices belonging to their customers and found out-of-date components on half of the devices included old operating systems, browsers and plug-ins, that accessed corporate applications, exposing not just

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Black hats needed to come to the rescue

Posted October 22, 2015

Embedded technology guru and journalist John Blyler recently dug up an old proposal on the need for companies to hire “black hat” developers or at least learn to hack like them to keep up with the rash of cybersecurity breaches filling the news pages. The original article appeared in Wireless System Design back in 2003 where he suggested

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