Security and safety are afterthoughts in almost a third of embedded systems

Posted April 27, 2016

A recent survey conducted by the US Barr Group suggests safety and security are not getting the attention they deserve from those designing embedded systems. The web based survey produced results from 2452 embedded software designers, with 33% of responses coming from engineers based in Europe most in automotive, industrial automation, defense and medical.  One

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More than half of all computers are open to attack

Posted March 11, 2016

Two reports recently reported that more than half of all devices were running out-of-date and therefore, insecure software. eSecurity Planet reported on a study by Duo Security that took a look at 2 million internet-connected devices belonging to their customers and found out-of-date components on half of the devices included old operating systems, browsers and plug-ins, that accessed corporate applications, exposing not just

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ARM CEO calls for new intitiaves on security in IoT

Posted November 12, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) security was a driving force at the ARM TechCon show this week in Santa Clara, California.  CEO Simon Segars, in his Nov.11 keynote address, talking about security, privacy and the need to develop trust among end users and governments in the use of a myriad of connected devices in use. Otherwise,

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